Our goal is to provide you with expedient and professional service and the most dependable tools for all your workover and completion operations.

Completion and Workover Tool Services

Retrievable Packers

  • 32-A Tension Packer
  • PR-3 Double Grip Packer
  • HD Retrievable Packer
  • The Crest III Packer

Retrievable Bridge Plugs

  • WLTC
  • TS Retrievable Bridge Plug

Drillable Tools

  • Composite Cement Retainer
  • The PCR Cement Retainer
  • The PBP Bridge Plug
  • Flo-Back Composite Bridge Plug
  • Composite Bridge Plug

Production and Injection Packers

  • Retrievable Packers
  • Seal Bore Packers
  • Packer Accessories

Tubing Anchors

  • Tubing Anchors
  • Slimline Tubing Anchors

Cleanout Tools

  • Bailers
  • Scraper

Reverse Units
Power Swivels


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